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After downloading our app, choose how much money you need and sign up with Zenka.

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Your application will be evaluated and when it is approved, you will receive money on your M-Pesa account.

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Repay on time and build a positive credit history

Timely repayment increases your credit limit and allows you to apply for higher amounts in the future.


What's so special about us?

Additional amount and extensions do the job!

We believe in people's potential

At Zenka Finance, we believe in people and their potential. We also know that every potential, every spark must sometimes be fed with instant cash so that ideas and needs can be realized.

That is why we provide financial tools that break the rigid structure of banks and bureaucracy. With us, the decision to grant a loan and support your ideas takes place instantly.

Everything starts from the phone

At Zenka Finance, we'll complete all your financial operations with your phone. Thanks to this, you have access anytime and anywhere to our financial services.

Forget about bank queues and prolonged credit evaluations. At Zenka Finance, you are always the first in line.

We will make your dreams come true with great joy.

Thrive with us

We dream about a world in which people can grow, both in their personal and professional lives. Our mission is to introduce balance and harmony in the financial world of every Customer by providing smart financial products to people who need them right here and right now.

Easy access to financial services eliminates social differences and gives more business opportunities. We give a helping hand to people of all ages and from all social layers to stimulate their development and growth. This results in the continuous progress of their Country and the entire World.

Heaven for rising stars

Do you want to positively change the World and become a part of something bigger? Are you passionate about ML (Machine Learning), AI (Artificial Intelligence) or a specialist in your field? Write us and join the Team!

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What people say about us

We provide financial services instantly and responsibly. We help thousands of people in Kenya every day. We extend our thanks for your trust.

Kila wakati nikiwaza juu ya pesa za matumizi yangu, ZENKA tu ndio huja kwenye akili yangu. Wamenitoa mbali na siwaachi hata!
Everytime I think of my financial woes, ZENKA comes to mind. They have truly been my go to facility for some cash. I am taking this journey with them always!

Janet Irungu
From Kiambu

Kwa kusema kweli, sikuweza lipa mkopo wangu wa kwanza kwa muda uliotarajiwa, lakini ZENKA walinielewa na kunipa mkopo mwingine kabla ya kumaliza ule wa kwanza. Saizi niko na Amani na watoto wangu wako shule. Mimi ni wao milele.
To tell you the truth, I had difficulties in paying my first loan, but ZENKA had my back. They offered me an extension loan even before I could repay off my first loan. My kids are in school and doing great and I am forever grateful

Kim Otieno
From Muhoroni

Dakika tano tu! Wewe jaribu kama unadhani ni utani. ZENKA haina uwongo hataa. Nitazidi kujijenga na ZENKA.
5 Minutes. Yes you heard me right. ZENKA has stuck with their word and they have me roped in.

Edgar Moraa
From Narok

Nina Amani rohoni. Masharti ya ZENKA ya kulipa mkopo ni tulivu na haina fiche yoyote kama wengine wanavofanya. Napenda wanavyo-tupokelea na kuwasiliana nasi. Usingoje, kwani ngoja ngoja huumiza matumbo jamani.
I have peace in my heart. The repayment plan is so flexible and their terms are not as dodgy as others. Its all clear and I love the way they treat and respond to me. What are you waiting for?

Aisha Tunu
From Kwale

Bila mambo mingi, ZENKA wako juu. Loan zao ni shwari na hakuna details mob. You just download the App, register and before you know it chapaa imeingia kwa Mpesa account yako. Saizi naeza sort any emergency, all thanks to ZENKA. I hope you guys are here to stay.

Alvin James
From Nairobi

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